Whether you’re ready to bring new life to old furniture, want to update accent pieces in preparation for holiday guests, or are looking to brighten your home’s exterior, spray paint is an ideal option for DIY projects.

The trick is to choose a spray paint that will survive the elements and complement the material of your project. This Old House suggests you consider several aspects:

  • The finish – Choose from finishes like high gloss, satin or metallic or a specialty finish like chalkboard, hammered metal or textured stone.
  • The primer – Some spray paints contain their own primer while others require a separate coat before applying the final color. Primer is especially important on rusty surfaces or raw wood.
  • The material – Certain spray paints are designed to bond with plastics or metals while others work on wood.
  • The location – If you’re painting something that will be exposed to the elements, choose an exterior paint.
  • The temperature – Use high-heat spray paint on radiators, woodstoves or barbecue grills.

Now for the fun part — picking your project. Here are three ideas to get you going.

Update a mailbox

Add a pop of color to the front of your home by spray painting your mailbox a fresh color. It’s an easy project with satisfying results.

Start by choosing a paint that will work on the material of your mailbox. If there is rust, use a wire brush or sandpaper to scrape it off, and clean the mailbox before beginning to paint.

Krylon suggests removing the mailbox from the post first, making it easier to get every angle and avoiding the possibility of getting spray paint on your post. You should also wrap the mail flag with painter’s tape.

Use multiple coats for an even coating everywhere. Paint your post a contrasting color to give the project a crisp finished look.

Refresh patio furniture

Your patio furniture is exposed to elements year-round, so it’s normal to see wear and tear. Luckily, you can repaint almost any furniture with the right kind of spray paint.

An essential step is preparing your surface, so the new paint will bond with it. This means removing rust, sanding away splinters and old paint, and cleaning off dirt. If you use chemicals to clean, rinse and dry before applying your first coat of primer.

When choosing a color, think about how it will contrast with the colors of your home. Add new cushions or decorative pillows as a finishing touch.

Increase curb appeal

Spray painting your front door is a simple project that could have an impressive effect on the curb appeal of your home. And, if you’re looking to sell your home, it could change how much you get.

“Painting a home in the right colors can have a significant impact on its sale price,” a Zillow analysis found. “Homes with black front doors, tuxedo kitchen cabinets and periwinkle blue bathrooms sell for as much as a $6,000 premium.”

Before painting, remove your door from its hinges, as it’s easier than trying to protect the surrounding trim and siding. Then, tape off any windows and hardware. If you have a metal door, use a spray paint that primes and bonds well.

Allow drying time before remounting your door and, if you don’t have a screen door, calculate how early you need to start to have your door remounted before evening.

For more spray paint spruce-up ideas or to buy paint and primer for your next project, visit an Ace Hardware location near you.

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