9 Zero Waste Instagram Accounts To Follow In Hong Kong

By Samantha Topp

February 18, 2019

Get inspired to live the zero waste lifestyle this year

The word ‘single-use’ was crowned word of the year by Collins Dictionary in 2018, and it’s no surprise why. Plastic, specifically single-use plastic, is everywhere—especially in Hong Kong where everything is wrapped once or twice-over in the see-through stuff.

But it’s not just plastic that’s polluting the world. If you’re keen on trying out the zero waste lifestyle, which is all about reducing, reusing and recycling products so that they don’t end up in landfill, we’ve found Hong Kong’s foremost zero waste warriors to follow on Instagram.

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Hannah Chung is the creator of The Zero Waste Challenge, who famously has been living the zero waste lifestyle for over two years. From chewing gum to recycling eyeshadow programs, Chung consistently works alongside brands and initiatives who also live a zero waste lifestyle.

She most recently worked with National Geographic Asia to offer tips on reducing waste during Lunar New Year and is the Hong Kong lead for @revolv.io, a network of reusable cups & food boxes with a deposit system at cafes, events & office buildings in Bali/Hong Kong/Singapore.

Follow The Zero Waste Challenge @thezerowastechallenge

Green Is The New Black aims to empower others to take positive actions and #littlegreensteps towards a more conscious life by introducing people to conscious brands and people across Asia. They also organise The Conscious Festival each year, which is made up of game-changing panel discussions and a thriving marketplace of brands and artists. 

Follow Green Is The New Black @greenisthenewblackcom

One of the first websites in Hong Kong to advocate the green and eco lifestyle, Green Queen HK has made quite an impact in the zero waste community. The platform advocates for both social and environmental change via a variety of channels—from podcasts and newsletters to workshops and events. Look for plenty of zero waste inspiration on Green Queen’s colourful feed.

Follow Green Queen HK @greenqueenhk

Zero Waste Life HK is much more than an Instagram account—it’s an entire community and actually a coach in Hong Kong to help you through the zero waste journey. They host a mix of events—most recently workshops on DIY bathroom recipes. From toothpaste to face masks, follow them to learn how to turn your everyday raw ingredients into necessities.

Follow Zero Waste Life HK @zerowastelifehk

Founded by 11 Hong Kong women including Tatler 500 listers Emily Lam-Ho, Yolanda Choy-Tang, Tansy Lau-Tom and Angela Cheng-Matsuzawa, EcoDrive Hong Kong focuses on the awareness and reduction of single-use plastics, and the implications it has on our environment and our health.

Their work is aimed towards corporates, community outreach programs and schools—all via educational methods which include screening their new documentary Start Small Start Now, which perfectly encapsulates their message.

Follow EcoDrive Hong Kong @ecodrivehk

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Get some realistic zero waste inspiration while learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle to help the planet. The Green 52 offers weekly tips on how you can do something small which will create a big impact—from cloth or recycled wrapping paper to choosing mineral sunscreens, this page is a must-follow if you need some gentle reminders to stay on track.

Follow the Green 52 @thegreen52

A self-professed zero waste newbie, The Bare Zero posts aesthetically pleasing photos of vegan leather bags, delicious meals and colourful, reusable containers—proof that you can be zero waste and stylish at the same time. Click her bio for a review on the latest cruelty-free deodorants.

Follow the Bare Zero @thebarezero

As co-founder of Hong Kong Community Composting, Ming (aka. @garbageactivist) aims to make change and not waste. Her page is packed with composting hacks and handy tips for reusing what you have in your home. Her witty and relatable personality shines through in all her posts, which teaches you how to turn things like back-to-school stationery for the kids into a zero waste experience.

Follow Garbage Activist @garbageactivist

With the hashtag #plasticsfortheweak explicitly shown on each Instagram post, consider @byebyeplasticbagshk a not-so-subtle reminder to give plastic the boot. The group of students behind this account hosts plastic-free challenges, where participants need to track and store all of the single-use plastic they’ve consumed in a week. Do you dare? 

Follow Bye Bye Plastic Bags HK @byebyeplasticbagshk

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