Bathroom flooring needs to be both durable and stylish to meet all of your needs and should give your bathroom a strong and solid foundation

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With so much choice available, it can be hard to decide on one option. Take into consideration your daily routine and lifestyle: Do you have children who will need a slip-free and hardwearing floor? Or do you have a glamorous and grown-up bathroom suite that requires an equally chic floor?

Don’t be afraid to try unusual materials, such as wood, which can work well in a bathroom, despite any concerns you might have about the humid conditions affecting the wood. Try hardwood, laminate or PVC flooring to get the same effect, but without the damp results. Floors in marble, granite or polished concrete will also create a dramatic effect and lend a chic, polished finish to your bathroom. These are all hard-wearing materials that will look stunning and last for years.

For something truly unique, try cork or rubber. Popular in the 1960s and 1970s, cork is back in a big way and is one of the most eco-friendly floor options around. Rubber is warm, waterproof and easy to keep clean, so a great option for anyone with children. An interesting or unusual floor can give your bathroom personality without overpowering the space. There are many options available to choose from that are appropriate – waterproof, durable, and attractive. When teamed with a white bathroom suite, a statement floor can add style points for a relatively small outlay – the average UK bathroom is around 2m x 2m.

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1. Fake it with wood-effect flooring

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Tim Young

When it comes to flooring, hardwood and laminate are not ideal in a bathroom, as they are susceptible to warping when frequently exposed to water. However, luxury vinyl flooring gives the beauty of natural wood without the practical drawbacks and is the perfect choice for a bathroom floor. Water-resistant, highly durable and easy to maintain, the wood-effect planks replicate the intricate grains and details of real wood without the worry.

2. Introduce colour with rubber and vinyl flooring

Bedroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Rachael Smith

Rubber, vinyl, linoleum and marmoleum are warm underfoot, affordable, waterproof and easy to keep clean. Clever digital photography reproduction means that there are limitless design options, while textured finishes help with slip resistance and emulate the feel of stone or wood.

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3. Go for something hard-wearing

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

Polished concrete or stone looks fabulously stylish in a chic, grown-up bathroom like this one, but it’s not so practical in a family bathroom as polished concrete or stone can be slippery when wet. Bespoke resin or acrylic flooring could give you a similar affect but with a bit more grip – you’d need to speak to your bathroom designer about this, though.

4. Choose a luxurious option for your bathroom flooring

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: David Parmiter

Natural marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine are all porous but, if sealed, will last for many years. Granite comes in a wide variety of colours, while the distinctive patterns in marble and onyx can look stunning. The beauty of natural stone is that you can have one uniform colour but a random pattern to add interest.

5. Work wonders in a small bathroom

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: James Mitchell

When it comes to small bathrooms a lot can be achieved with the right flooring. If you use the same tiles on your floor as your walls it visually expands the space, and medium to large tiles are better as small or mosaic tiles can make the bathroom look even smaller.

6. Try out teak and bamboo

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Rachael Smith

Solid wood or laminate floors aren’t usually suitable for bathrooms as the humidity will cause the material to discolour, swell and warp. But hardwood floorings, such as teak and bamboo, can work well (double-check with the manufacturer first) and engineered wood and bathroom-specific laminate – made with PVC – are designed to withstand moisture.

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7. Warm up in the winter

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Mark Williams

Underfloor heating is fast becoming the most popular choice for bathroom flooring. There’s nothing worse than stepping onto a cold floor in winter – plus, a wet floor dries quicker with underfloor heating, and you don’t need radiators if you have heated floors. There are two systems to choose from: ‘wet’, where the floor is heated by hot water pipes under the floor. And ‘dry’, where electric cable is laid down. Both systems need to be installed by a professional. Speak to your bathroom designer or builder about which is best for your home.

8. Perfect with porcelain

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: David Giles

A cheaper alternative to stone, porcelain is easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can buy packs of tiles in bulk and you won’t need to worry about sealing after grouting, like you do with stone. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles can also imitate the look of natural stone. Porcelain is more hardwearing than ceramic tiles and better for high traffic areas.

9. Take to Tadelakt

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Tadelakt is a decorative, water-resistant plaster originally made in Marrakech. Its seamless, subtly marbled surface is perfect for bathrooms and it sets off the clean angles of this white vanity unit beautifully. The muted shade creates a simple, yet sophisticated look.

10. Style a bathroom floor with slate

Bathroom flooring ideas

Image credit: Katie Lee

Traditional slate can create a smart surface for a contemporary bathroom. Slate will need cleaning and resealing when it shows signs of wear – always use cleaning products recommended by your floor’s manufacturer.

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