Are you considering a home renovation? Or maybe you’re in the midst of one. Whether you’re a DIY-er or hiring someone to tackle the projects, home renovations can be emotionally taxing.

This is something Cynthia Soda, interior designer and owner of Soda Pop Design Inc knows all about.

Carpet One shares Soda’s advice on how to prioritize your home renovation:

It’s the classic adage of the shoemaker’s children: as professional designers, we spend so much time investing creative energy into our clients’ spaces and homes that we often leave ours last on the list. The spaces in our own homes tend to remain neglected at the end of our ever-growing to-do lists, looming over us as unfinished business. Sometimes, we are forced to re-prioritize by an impending move or even a health or safety issue at home, and finally we allow ourselves to indulge a little in our own talents. For my family, it was a combination of all of these things, a trifecta of opportunities leading to the blood, sweat, and tears we’ve invested back into our family home. Once the ball gets rolling, it can be hard to stop—so much so that our children get off the school bus each day and ask what Mommy’s doing to the house now.

Practicing what we preach, key areas get tackled first—priority spaces like the kitchen are at the front and center of our reno list. All the while, we are thinking ahead and planning how other key features can support our day-to-day needs in other areas of the home. We designed personalized built-ins for the entrance, we incorporated enough storage to hold all the clutter that gets thrown into bathrooms, and we even planned our children’s rooms to foster their independence with simple storage solutions for them to easily access their own things. It’s important to be organized and have a place for everything, and for our home to support our daily activities. These tasks can be accomplished even while maintaining personal style. We also had the chance to try out several exciting ideas we had not been able to use yet because they were vetoed by our clients!

photo credit-Mike Chajecki

The kids rule the roost! Custom-designed millwork creates storage that supports their activities and fosters independence from an early age.

Displaying your hobbies in the home adds personality in an unexpected way.

Color-blocking ebony wood tones creates a dynamic effect. A custom light fixture takes center stage over the island.

Bathrooms with modern amenities and adequate storage ensure you start and end your day in comfortable luxury.

Peony decals transform this Iced Cubed Silver bedroom from a boy’s nursery into a girly space.


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