Having a small bathroom can be a blessing in disguise. Some bathrooms are so big that people don’t really know what to do with the space that they have, which results in a rather underwhelming and poorly decorated environment that makes your private time less appealing that it should be.

However, working with limited space could make you feel as cozy as you could wish for, and a good organization of the room at hand could result in one of the best bathroom designs in your neighborhood. Coming up with ideas, though, can be exhausting and tiresome.

Thankfully, there are some tips which you can use to keep your bathroom renovation fresh and make the best use of the space that you have at hand. Don’t worry, though – the ideas that we’re going to give you can all be applied independently, so if you like one of them in particular, you can apply it and keep the rest of your bathroom as you will!

The Magic of Pedestal Sinks

Small bathrooms will look particularly clogged if you have a countertop with a sink on top. This happens because countertops tend to take a lot of space, and even the smallest of countertops will take up as much room as its surface. Using a pedestal countertop in a small bathroom doesn’t only look good, it also frees up a ton of space for your feet to move around – even when you’re on the toilet!

Make sure to purchase the right pedestal sink, though. If it makes too much contrast with the other colors that make up your bathroom, it can do more damage than good to the aesthetics of the room.

Work with Colors

Space is a sensation, or at least it can be if you work with it right. Using colors to make your bathroom feel bigger (or even to make the small room look good) is an awesome way to get started with your renovations. Picture how your bathroom would look if you used bold colors to change it – using strong tones in a small bathroom can make it look amazingly fancy.

Keeping the same tone plastered all over the walls could make it look rather dull, and it might be better to avoid doing it. It’s a matter of personal preference, of course, but bold colors could be the best way for you to go if you intend to try something new.

Don’t Underestimate the Space on Your Walls

Whenever you walk into a small bathroom and you see those empty walls, it creates a feeling of frustration like no other. The space in your bathroom walls is precious, and using small shelves to get the best out of it is one of the best things that you can do with your bathroom.

Shelves are extremely easy to place and one of the best DIY additions that you can make to your bathroom – buy some planks or use drywall to make them. They’re simple but very effective!

There’s Space Below the Counters – Use It!

Never underestimate how much space there is below your counters or even below your sink – especially if you’re a pedestal sink owner. The space that goes below the sight of your eyes can be ideal to store all of the things that you don’t want cluttering your line of sight, so make the best use of it by utilizing it to the fullest.

You can place special decorations below your sink or counters as well, and they can add a lot to the room and make it look much more vivid. When you’re sitting on the toilet, for example, you might want to have something food to look at and not just at empty walls. Use the space and watch your room come to life!

Manage Your Decorations and Don’t Overdo Them

There’s a common misconception about small bathrooms in the world, where people feel the need or an obligation to decorate them as if there was a lot of room to place items everywhere. Don’t overdo it with the decorations as keeping things clustered will only make your bathroom look as awful as you can imagine, and people won’t feel comfortable when using the restroom.

The trick with decorations in small bathrooms is knowing where to place them to make the room look clean while also making it look like everything is there for a reason. Find a good reason to place your decorations where they really seem to fit and you should have no issues making your bathroom look good and not clustered – even if you want to place a fair share of décor.

Minimalistic Ideas Go a Long Way

Don’t underestimate how a small bathroom can look with a minimalistic design. You might think that placing a lot of stuff and adding shelves everywhere might make it look bigger, but in fact, these things just take up space that might be completely unnecessary for the room. Sometimes, placing just a few pieces of furniture in a small bathroom can make things look much better.

In fact, combining little furniture with one plain color distributed across the whole room can make things look so smooth that it would surprise you. White minimalistic bathrooms can look very good, and that’s why you see them so often in many catalogs. It’s up to you to decide a color first and then buy furniture and décor that fits with it.

Work with Designs – They Make the Room Look Bigger!

Have you ever seen patterns in walls and wondered why they’re there? Well, some of them are quite pointless, but you’d be surprised to know that designs that have a vertical pattern can be quite effective when painting a small bathroom. Vertical patterns make your eyes move upwards and downwards while studying the shapes in your subconscious, which makes it look taller.

Use these designs to your advantage and work with shapes to maximize space. You can even make sure to use many of these tips together to create a perfectly balanced room that will make any bigger room look empty in comparison.

If you’re unsure of whether this would work for your bathroom or not, we advise you to first put the pattern in place before painting it to make sure that it fits your design desires. If it does, go and give it a try – and never underestimate how working with your walls can make your room look much bigger than it is.

Natural Light is Your Best Friend

If you have windows in your bathroom, by all means, maximize the use of natural lighting. First, natural light makes everything in your bathroom look much more vivid, which is why it is best for you to keep clear colors in rooms where you can use natural light as an ally. Use whites, for example, to make sure that brightness spreads across the room as soon as sunlight hits any furnishing or even the walls themselves.

In any case, placing your furniture in the right places will also go a long way into maximizing the natural light in your bathroom. Make sure that light doesn’t directly hit you in the face as well by putting your sink and your toilet facing away from windows, or at least at an angle.

It can be pretty tricky to work with natural light and some bathrooms have windows in places where it’s impossible to get the best out of it (particularly in those that use windows with ventilation purposes only). However, if your windows are in relatively comfortable spots, be sure to work with the light in a way where you only need to turn on the bub in your ceiling when the night falls.

Less Furnishing but of a Higher Quality

Another huge advantage of owning a small bathroom (and one that many people overlook) is that tinier rooms require much less furniture in general, which means that you’ll be able to spend more money on the few pieces of furniture that you need to purchase. This means that you can get a high-quality sink when you don’t have to worry about filling space in the room with other potentially expensive items.

This also goes down to how frugal you want to be, though. Some people like small bathrooms simply because they won’t have to spend money on a lot of expensive stuff and would rather just focus on getting items that do the job. If you’re one of those who would rather just buy cheap stuff, be sure to at least get the right colors to match the room and you can still be fine with the design.

In any case, less furnishing is a window of opportunity when it comes to spending more cash. You can even get better décor since you don’t have to buy a lot of big furniture to fill up all the empty space.

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