summer vacation, a day at the pool: The promises carefree hours. With cooling, fries and ice cream on a stick. The police comes because of ausarte conflicts, and the fun in the sweltering heat to an abrupt end – which was rarely the case. But in June, the incidents became more frequent in full baths: Once there was a Mass fight, a attack on the lifeguards, the people climbed over fences in already overcrowded bathrooms.

police protection when bathing?

we Need it for bathing police protection to go in the future, so? By no means far-fetched for the Berlin inner politician Marcel Luthe (FDP). He wants in the capital over the summer your own use hundred takes care of the safety in the bathrooms. To urge this step, he the Senate, said Luthe from the German press Agency. So far, the officials would be held outside of Senate to leave the conflict management private security people. Under these conditions, conflicts are programmed.

in fact, the events of June remind us of the scenes that took place years ago in the outdoor pools in Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

swimming pool season

Photography: Six rules for the next pool visit

mass brawl, young people occupied the jump tower, flip-flops-beats for lifeguard – gave it all. Several times the bathrooms were vacated, because the mood because of some stupid events was tipped. So dramatic are the incidents the blade: There are individual cases, when one considers the number of facilities (around 60, with hall baths) and the bathers (2018: 6.7 million) before one’s eyes.

guards in free baths: In Neukölln and Kreuzberg, not a rarity

In recent years, the Situation had become peaceful, says the Berliner bäder spokesman Matthias Oloew. Reason was, that the bathrooms farms “were sufficient” for the safety. So flow every year, for example, a high six-digit amount in security. The safety concept was no longer a flat rate for all of the baths, but on each of the facilities have been tailored, says Oloew. Details he does not want to make public, in order not to endanger the success.

To observe people from private companies for several years in the outdoor pools in Neukölln and Kreuzberg, increasingly awake. The men in Polo shirts marked “Security” at the entrance, at the pool, and to run more often in the Two groups over the meadows. Be present and conflicts at an early stage to detect and defuse the currency is probably the. The men check bags at the entrance – self-melons-lovers have to give up your fruit knife.

discussions on the pool edge – > also have Turkish

Also, the Berlin metropolis researchers Wolfgang Kaschuba find a swimming pool police “nonsensical,” as he says. And it contradicts the Theory of some commentators, that especially young migrants for the problems caused. “It affects all,” he says. In his eyes baths today, in contrast to previous decades, people from all social layers and age classes. In view of the individualized life, more friction to be the styles so, of course, areas created, says the cultural scientist. “The swimming pool’s changing with the company.”

lack of staff is the core of the problem

self-confident and perhaps actually a bit more ruthless than in the past the people would not for their own interests, said Kaschuba. “The dispute today is the question of what is legitimate: what kind of music and how loud, nudity or Burkini, wet sprayed to be.” The outdoor pool is also a stage for self-presentation. Kaschuba evaluates all of this as signs of a living society, even if more had to be. If necessary, with the conflict traffic controllers.

Markus Wittich, Chairman of the national Association of Brandenburg/Berlin the Federal Association of German swimming champion, sees a shortage of staff as the core of the problem. Unfortunately, the staff was ceiling in bathrooms due to job cuts, and the shortage of skilled workers so thin that often the time is lacking to deal with “problem cases,” he explains. So could swings conflicts high.

In the bathrooms, in which there were nationwide last problems were the consequences of different: Some of them want to try it now with the safety of people or the number of increase. In the southern German city of Kehl on the French border, the French city of Strasbourg, sent to quarrels intermediary in the bathrooms. There was the Berlin Luthe is likely to it offers also more police presence announced. Even barbed wire for the fences.

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