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Since your master bedroom is the master of the house, you want to make sure it looks the part. If you’re in need of some major master bedroom inspo, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want a complete overhaul or just some styling ideas, these rooms will get you psyched to start the project. Read on to see which master bedroom tips and ideas speak to your personal style, and then bring them into your own home.

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Have Fun With It

When designing your master bedroom, the only real rule is to be true to your personal style. If that means mixing fun prints and using bold colors, don’t hesitate to do so.


Light Up The Fireplace

Nothing makes a home homier than a roaring fireplace. If you’re lucky enough to have one in the master bedroom, beautify the area around it with a large mirror. We also love the textured blue ceiling and accent wall—it adds a softer touch to the rustic stone wall.


Choose A Stylish Headboard

The founder and lead interior designer behind Studio Ashby explains that “a wide upholstered headboard brings more fabric into a bedroom, while enabling the integration of eclectics.” Think of it as an extra opportunity to use color without taking up a huge amount of space.


Liven Up The Walls

Wallpapering your whole bedroom might feel a bit daunting, but if you choose a more understated print and stick to a tight color story, it won’t be overwhelming. And if you like mixing in vintage pieces, take note. In this room, the contemporary bedding gives the retro-inspired accents, like the clock and wall sconces, a second life. The sconces also free up some room on the side table.


Pick A Luxe Carpet

This master bedroom is basically a cloud. The plush, almost glowing carpet makes the whole space feel morel luxe without overwhelming the eye. The end bench and table lamp also introduce great architectural lines.


Introduce A Reading Nook

A built-in reading nook in the master bedroom will earn you some major bonus points, style-wise and beyond. It gives the space added intrigue and makes it feel more personalized. Just add throw pillows.


Opt For Minimalism

Sweet dreams are made of these exposed beams. Less is more in this effortlessly sophisticated master bedroom. The tall four post bed stretches up the ceiling, making the room feel even bigger than it is. The darker linens contribute to the easy elegance of the space while keeping things earthy and grounded.


Go Boho

If you love the bohemian look but also want your master bedroom room to feel grounded and contemporary, use this space as your guide. Think patterned rugs and pillows, wicker furniture, and seagrass shades.

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Think Big With Art

As Sophie of Studio Ashby tells us, “the headboard’s low profile allows for a sizeable artwork above the bed.” You could also try a gallery wall if you don’t have larger artworks to display. “The headboard’s muted grey wool mix balances the impact of the cushions and the throw,” she adds.


Pick An Anchor Item

A headboard is cool, but this is your master bedroom, after all, so go all out and add a footboard too. A bold pattern and color make an all-white room pop.

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Balance Coziness With Style

The arched, beamed, white wood ceilings give this bedroom a cottage feel, but that doesn’t mean the decor has to match. Balance it out with contemporary light fixtures, a geometric rug, and bright pops of color from a lamp and blankets. Lacquered furniture also goes a long way to modernize a space.

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Let There Be Light

You know the formula: White walls, neutral bedding, minimal decor. And billowing drapes are a must.

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Use Bright Colors

Deep blues, purples, and jewel-tone greens liven up a stark white room. To up the vibe even more, add in brass accents like a lamp, drawer pulls, and a chandelier.

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