Let’s face it. We all want to have a beautifully decorated home. And, we all want to impress our friends and family members with amazing decor and have them wondering how on earth we did it.

Adding a personal touch to the decor can make our house feel like home. Sadly, the costs of decorating a house can be very expensive.  You want your home to look stunning, but you don’t want to break the bank in the process. And guess what? You don’t have to

We’ve compiled a list of 6 best DIY crafts that are affordable and look fantastic.

#1: Papered Table Top

Did you know that you can choose the most basic textures and materials and turn your boring old furniture into artistic objects? The uniqueness they boast will shock everyone. It will turn your old couch, dining table, or tabletop into a piece of art.

You can easily use paint, wallpaper leftovers, even thick faux leather patches for making your crafts. You can push things even further by using a Cricut machine.

According to this source, Cricut machines are masterfully engineered. It’s an electronic cutting tool that kind of looks like printers. However, instead of printing your craft designs on paper, they utilize a precise blade and several rollers to cut out almost anything.

Here are a few Cricut machine project ideas you could use them on:

  • Coloring pages
  • Decals for model airplanes
  • Paper pennants for a party
  • A leather cuff bracelet
  • Iron-on vinyl for t-shirts
  • Paper gift boxes and tags
  • Stencils for wood signs
  • Vinyl quotes for coffee mugs
  • Felt coasters
  • Greeting cards
  • Customized tote bags
  • Monogrammed water bottles
  • Paper flowers for bouquets
  • Vinyl labels for your pantry

#2: Point of Color

There’s no better feeling than making your old furniture look like new. The trick is simple: simply add a different color (perhaps even a little brighter compared to the rest of your decor). Also, you can include an element of surprise and uniqueness to your whole setting.

Any object that boasts floral patterns rather than the geometric ones which are prevalent around your room could get rid of the monotony. A colorful and bright table centerpiece can be extremely eye-catchy.

#3: Hide All Damages

You can certainly hide every damage that has ever occurred to change the look of your chair or stool. You just need some colored paper along with a flair for the decoupage. All your damaged pieces, objects, or furniture can be turned into a beautiful decoration.

As already mentioned, with the help of a Cricut machine, you can cut out shimmery paper, glossy magazine pages, maps, newspapers, and anything that you believe can add a special character to your old, worn-out dresser or chair. It will hide their flaws, as well as provide your room with a distinct appearance.

#4: Cupboard Covered Desks

You may not know this, but unused and old cabinets and cupboards can become highly functional with a nifty trick. You just need a bit of creativity and a piece of wood.

You can reuse or reincarnate old cupboards into something as practical and useful as a kitchen counter or office desk. With a few refinishing strokes and little maintenance of paint and polish, you’re able to turn an old antique into a cool home office desk, not to mention the cupboard drawers which will provide additional storage space.

#5: Fireplace Mantels

You shouldn’t worry if your table legs or your cabinet door gave away. You can always use them again with more purpose and flair. It’s the best way to make a gorgeous mantel decor right out of your old garage or kitchen doors and tabletops that you may notice hanging not too securely on the hinges.

Replacing these is always good, no question there, but what you do with your old wooden pieces and panels might change the complete look of your house. Consider decorating them with beautiful art pieces of your choice.

#6: Old Containers

Your deformed containers can be reused in many ways. You can actually bring them to life. In fact, the older and more deformed they are, the better it is for the rustic look. Consider scraping and removing the rust (if any). You can then paint accents and make them look edgier.

Also, you can utilize a primer and help it preserve that worn-out look. You can use it to keep showpieces, dry kitchen supplies, toiletries, or even plant a tiny kitchen garden in them.

More DIY Ideas for Your Bedroom

These were just six of the thousands of DIY ideas that help to renovate your house and give it a stunning look. If you don’t like the way your bedroom looks, consider the following tips:

  • Try decorating your room with canopy bed fairy lights.
  • Use painted votives as they look amazing!
  • A decorative box charging station can provide an ultra-modern appearance.
  • Make sure your bedroom curtains fit with the room color. Don’t just go for the black and white DIY curtain.
  • Consider upcycling the thrift store bench.
  • If you like disco ball piñatas, consider having one in your bedroom.
  • Avoid handmade pillows. Instead, buy only those that fit your bedroom style.
  • You can also use bone inlay inspired trays
  • Your bedroom wall could use modern dream catchers
  • Wood ladders and wood copper shelves can give your room an extravagant look.
  • Try to use multiple wall tassels.
  • Capiz shell chandelier can also give an excellent look to your bedroom.

Wrapping Up

You can always hire an interior designer or decorator to make your bedroom look beautiful. However, no matter how experienced they are and how masterfully they handle the process of giving your home an innovative look, nothing can top your personal preferences. Thus, you should consider bringing your creativity to life and start decorating your room with DIY crafts of your own choices.



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