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Moving season is here! Once you have done the hard work of securing your new place and moving your things to it, you can start thinking about the fun stuff about moving. For example, decorating! It’s no secret that moving is expensive, and so is decorating. For that reason, this article will discuss cheap ways to decorate your apartment.

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Add a mirror

Doing something as simple as adding a mirror can completely transform your space. A mirror will add light and brightness to the room, and it will make the place look much more spacious. Even a small mirror, which does not cost much, can have these effects. You can easily find a small, affordable mirror that will bring life into your apartment. (Bonus points if the mirror is cute and goes with your other décor!) In other words, adding a mirror is a cheap way to decorate your apartment.

Switch up your wall décor

Another cheap way to decorate your apartment is to switch up your wall décor. Adding a new picture frame, floating shelf, or art piece will liven up your apartment. Just like a mirror, you can easily find an inexpensive piece of wall décor at a local store. A new piece will make your place feel fresh without spending too much money on redecorating.

Become a DIY master and make your own pieces

One of the best ways to save money while decorating your apartment is to make your own decorative pieces! Not only will DIY’ing your apartment décor be a fun hobby, but it will also be an inexpensive way to make pieces that are completely personalized to you. It can even be a fun project to do together with a friend. If you need some inspiration, you can do a quick Google or Pinterest search for DIY décor. If you want to decorate your apartment on a budget, you should consider making your own decorative pieces.

Buy used pieces and personalize them!

On a similar note, if you’re not into DIY and do not want to make your own pieces from scratch, you can buy used pieces and personalize them. For example, you can spray paint a used piece of furniture, or paint a design on top of an old table. This will not only be cheaper than buying the piece new, but it will also allow you to put your own creative touch on your place. Buying used pieces and personalizing them is an easy way to save money while decorating your apartment, while also enabling you to put your own spin on the place.

Update a small accessory

To give your apartment a fresh look while not spending a lot of money, you can simply update your accessories. For example, you can update small things like throw pillows, placemats, candles, or a table centerpiece. Changing up little things like those can definitely freshen up the place and make it look different. Plus, none of those things are expensive! You can replace those things one by one since slowly replacing things can be cheaper than buying everything at once. In short, updating a small accessory or two is a fun way to make your place look completely different and decorate your apartment on a budget.

Add a plant or two

Adding a plant or two will liven up any space. If you want to brighten your apartment and bring some life into it, you should definitely add a plant! You can get plants that are as high or low maintenance as you can handle. You can get a plant, like a succulent, that does not require much watering. Alternatively, you could even get a fake plant, since it will still be green and lively without needing you to care for it. (For a busy college student, I would recommend a fake plant instead of a real one!) Clearly, adding a plant will bring life into your new apartment without costing much money.

Update your window blinds

When you move into an apartment, you will likely have the standard set of window blinds. Standard window blinds are functional, but they can be boring. A perfect way to completely change the look of a room is to update the window blinds. I would recommend adding a colorful set of curtains, which will make a statement. For a bedroom, I would recommend blackout curtains, especially during the summer months when the sun rises earlier in the day. In other words, updating your window blinds can spruce up your new apartment for a low price.

You have already spent enough money on your moving expenses, so why spend an unnecessary amount of money on decorations? Cute decorations don’t need to be expensive; you can still have a beautifully decorated apartment while on a budget by following the tips in the article.

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