Got a boring room design? Here’s some simple ways to make your child’s bedroom fun and exciting

We all know that as kids grow up they can easily get bored with the pink paint they were obsessed with just a year earlier. If you can’t bare to disappoint your little monster when they plead for the third time that week to decorate there room, but don’t have the funds for a full bedroom overhaul then we have 8 super simple DIY hacks to turns your kids frown upside down. We have the perfect DIY hacks to keep toys in order, books in there place and reignite your kids imagination without all the fuss.

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We’re going to take you through our top tips for upcyclying and making the most of what you already have lying around the house with a little elbow grease and sandpaper you’ll transform the an ordinary room into something extraordinary.

1. Blackboard paint

DIY hacks 4

Image credit: Ti-media

Giving a room a fresh lick of paint is a great way to redecorate without spending a fortune. Using blackboard paint as a feature wall is a great way to make your child’s bedroom both fun and practical. It can give your child the possibility to get creative whilst also serving as a wall organizer for their homework or chores.

2. Frame pictures with washi tape

DIY hacks

Image credit: Jamie Mason

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive photo frames, opt for coloured and patterned washi tape to frame your photos. It gives a pretty border to your photos whilst acting as a beautiful wall design, which your child will love.

3. Create a picture wall

DIY hacks 1

Image credit: David Giles

Let your kids get involved by getting them to cover the wall photos of there friends. Decorating one of their walls with their own photos gives a personal touch to their bedroom whilst also giving them something they can be proud of. This is a great way to allow your children to actively decide how they want their room to look, whilst also saving you money.

4. Accessorise those curtains

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Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Plain curtains don’t have to be boring, and you don’t need to fork out on a new pair to make them more fun. You can use pom-poms or patterned material to create a border for your child’s curtains. This creates the illusion of new, fresh curtains whilst adding more colour and originality to your child’s bedroom.


5. Brighten the room with hanging lights

DIY hacks 5

Image credit: David Giles

Hanging fairy lights and accessories can really bring the room to life. It adds more light and colour without having to re-wallpaper or redecorate, this is both much cheaper and enjoyable for your kids to look at, especially at night.

6. Get rid of the clutter

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Image credit: Colin Poole

A good way of refreshing your child’s room is by storing toys in a clever way. Wall storage is a handy way of creating clutter free floors whilst adding decoration to the walls. By storing books and other bits and boys in wall storage, your child will have plenty of room to play and it also means there are no excuses for an untidy bedroom!

7. Embrace the use of paper pom-poms

DIY hacks 2

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Paper pom-poms aren’t just for parties, strung together in clusters these balls of coloured paper are perfect for creating an interesting feature on your child’s ceiling. You can make them for scratch with some cardboard recused from old cereal boxes and sheets of tissue paper, or you can buy them (we won’t judge). This is a simple update that will transform a bedroom in an afternoon.

8. Put your old furniture to good use

DIY hacks 6

Image credit: Colin Poole

If you still have an old dresser, this can be transformed into a handy desk or craft table. With a fresh coat of paint, your old dresser is turned into a new study/craft area and gives your child a place to be imaginative or study.

Will you be trying any of these DIY hacks in your children’s room?


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