Unlike any other sports, gardening is a more strenuous activity. While any activity of gardening, you will have to stand, lean, crouch and squat. All these movements of your body are enough to make you tired and can be a cause of lower back pain. Therefore, it is often called that gardening is not a low hanging fruit for beginners and you will have to prepare yourself if you are thinking to start gardening. The following 4 tips can make your gardening tasks easy and prevent you from ache and pain while gardening.

Choose the best time for Gardening

It is not wise to perform your task in the garden when scorching sun is at its peak. Hence, always plan your gardening when the sun is not too hot. In my opinion, mid-morning can be the best time to do gardening. If this time doesn’t suit you than late in the afternoon, will be a good time to do gardening duty well. Above mentioned timings for gardening are the best because the muscles of a man are at a high level of performance in these timings.  Moreover, mid-morning sweat is also good for your mental health and increases your productivity.

Choose Appropriate Gardening Tools

An imprecise gardening tool can waste your money as well as it poses a serious threat to your health. So, it is always suggested that gardening tools must be bought after complete scrutiny. A lightweight, ergonomically designed tool not only makes you fit but also keeps your garden attractive. So, always be wise while making a purchase of the gardening tools.


It admits of no doubt that warm muscles are less prone to stiffness. Before starting any activity in your garden, take 15 minutes to warm your muscles up. There are several exercises which are enough to warm your muscles like; jumping jacks, walking, walking knees hug and so on. By doing so, you can perform better without feeling pain.

Chang Positions and Take Breaks

Working in the same position makes you tired and sick. Therefore, changing the position after every 15 minutes is essential for your health. Moreover, switching the tasks after 30 minutes instead of changing the position is also a good suggestion. Nevertheless, changing position (By keeping the same task) or switching the task is equally beneficial for your health.

Besides changing positions, taking breaks is also good while gardening. If you want to work for a long period of time without feeling exhausted than taking short breaks will be essential for you. It will increase your performance as well as your productivity. So, always work intermittently in your garden to get awesome results without negative impacts on your health.


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