She’s the go-to facialist for celebrities including Arizona Muse, Dua Lipa and Jourdan Dunn. A whizz with lasers and a genius when it comes to all things skin, Debbie Thomas is one of the most sought after skin experts in both London and Hollywood. 

In the heart of Chelsea’s Walton Street, her D.Thomas Clinic is the place to go for results-driven treatments. 

Here, we get to know a little bit about her wellness routine and, for Debbie, it’s the simple things that help to keep her balanced. 

First thing in the morning I take the dogs out for a quick walk around the garden. Then I’ll have a cup of coffee I only normally have one cup a day, but it is my morning crutch for sure. 

I mainly do yoga. I aim for three times per week, but I love to swim (again 2-3 times per week) and I’m just starting tennis lessons so let’s see how that goes.

My morning skincare regime starts in the shower with my face wash which is normally acid-based so it works on impurities and general brightening of my skin. I use it with a flannel for a bit of extra stimulation and deep cleansing.

Next, on dry skin, I apply an antioxidant serum. This tends to be Vitamin C based –  antioxidants are key to help combat modern life’s impact on our skin.

Step three is always an SPF. I have oily skin, so it has to be lightweight, and as most good facial SPFs now have added benefits like hydration, there is no need for another product.

The final step is my make-up. This ranges from mascara and lip gloss to the full works. Every day I do what makes me feel good rather than getting stuck in a regular make-up routine. My brands to change from time to time but I’m quite consistent with the main ingredients. Right now I’m trialling my own products which I hope to launch spring next year, but current favourites of mine are NeoStrata’s foaming glycolic wash, Medik8’s C30 intense serum, PCA Skin Weightless Protection SPF 45 and my go to foundation is the breathable and healing Oxygenetix.

My early morning walk around the garden helps clear my head and reset me for the day ahead. My yoga practice includes meditation but overall I’m pretty good at managing my stress, as long as I get my morning coffee that is.

I am vegan but have such a varied diet it could be anything. If I feel like something I have it regardless of the time of day so it could be a salad, soup or feast from the local Asian restaurant. I work more on when I eat rather than what I eat as I really feel the benefit of intermittent fasting. I do daily fasting so I eat within a eight hour slot each day then only drink water outside of that time so generally I have lunch at 1pm and dinner 7:30-8pm so I’m finished by 9pm. ​I have done a three-day fast which for me was quite full on. I prefer the daily intermittent fasting which just seems to suit me better.

After 5pm I try not to eat raw as the body can struggle to digest, so salads are out but other than that it really could be anything from pasta, vegetable bake, Thai curry, Mexican wraps or risotto. Unfortunately chips are my guilty pleasure but I also cook for my husband and he loves sausages and mash or cottage pie. I do a vegan version of both that he loves.

I drink alcohol infrequently – it can be weeks between tipples. I never drink at home really unless we have a dinner party or something to celebrate. I’d much rather have a mint tea.

After double cleansing with my foaming acid wash, I apply a tonic either anti-pollution or acid-based depending on my skin that day. Then I alternate between a retinol complex or a anti-inflammatory hydrator. Again I’m currently testing some of my own products, but existing favourites are NeoStrata foaming glycolic wash, Byonik concur anti-pollution face mist or Sesderma Azelac Acid Tonic, PCA Skin Retinol and PCA Skin Dual Action Redness Relief.  

I shower before bed. I use soap now as I’ve ditched the plastic shower gel bottles, then brush my teeth and do my night cream. I keep it simple – the more complicated a regime the less likely you are to stick to it.

I have a low thyroid so I always take a support supplement for this and I take evening primrose daily. Other supplements I take more ad hoc like vitamin D or probiotics, I don’t feel I need them all the time but use them when I want a bit of a boost. 

I love laser skin treatments and do have regular treatments to keep my skin healthy and looking fresh. I also have some filler done around my jaw and temples to help keep the contours of my face. This is probably done every nine months or so.

Reflexology works for me in terms of results and I love my feet being massaged, however I probably have Thai massage the most, because my work is physical I have to work quite hard on keeping my back and neck flexible and for me Thai massage really helps and complements my yoga practice.

I’ve become more self-aware over the years. I have never been a stress head so always thought I was fine, but I think you can feel like you are coping well when that’s your normal. When you step away you see the impact that being busy all the time has. 


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