The outside of your home is such an important place that many people seem to underestimate when building the home of their dreams. Your garden is the first thing that many people see (especially if it’s located at the entrance of your home), and having it kept and maintained in the best way goes a long way into giving newcomers a great first impression of your home.

Keeping in touch with nature is just as important as having a quality garden, and owning a green place just for the looks doesn’t make much sense if you’re not a friend of nature. That’s why we’ve come to present you the best gardening trends of 2020, so your garden and gardening methods won’t only look good, but they will be as friendly with nature as possible.

Remember that gardening is both an art of efficiency as well as an art of beauty, so you’ll want to keep your home looking sharp and pristine while also taking advantage of the best gardening trends that the modern designers and specialists have to offer.

The Beauty of Outdoors Structures – Beauty and Gardening Go Hand in Hand

There’s nothing more refreshing than walking to the outside of your home and feeling like you’re on vacation. That awesome look of a well-decorated outdoor area is just something out of the ordinary, and having people feel welcome both inside your home and outside of it is one of the best things that a welcoming homeowner can feel.

One of the best trends for gardens in 2020 is the use of outdoor space to place outdoor structures, such as arches and pergolas, to maximize the use of your garden and break the visual monotony of an all-green outside. In any case, complimenting these structures with well-decorated vertical crops can make your home look as good as you can imagine, with space being utilized to the fullest.

The best thing about this is that you can choose where you want to place your vertical gardens and which outside structures you want to use to make them. Arches usually do a great job at keeping good aesthetics of your garden while also providing good support for the growth of vertical crops, as long as the structure is built on a good foundation, of course.

Structures on the outdoors may also be used to place containers and other types of gardening utensils in them. We’ve seen some beautiful pergola designs where the inside of the structure is covered with small crops – standing in the middle will make it very easy for you to collect what’s growing inside of the structure.

Gardening allows you to be creative and play with your imagination to see how you feel things would look better. Working with reference images is also a good idea if you’re unsure of where to start, but the best thing about gardens is that each plant is unique and grows in its own way – that means that you won’t have to worry about copying someone else’s idea and you’ll have your own touch of originality.

If you want your garden to look as good as possible while also being receptive to visitors, you can set up various waterproof areas where technology is welcome to blend with nature. Some of the most beautiful trending designs of 2020 include areas where you can listen to music freely thanks to roofs and sound systems that withstand the test of rain.

You can set up a grill or a kitchen to complement your garden. Who knows – you might even be able to use the fruits and vegetables that grow in your garden as condiments to enrich your grilled meat! That’s the beauty of gardening and its designs; it’s up to you to decide what to do with the tools that you have at hand.

Eco-Friendly Designs – The Gardens of the Future

Nothing speaks better of a garden other than the fact that it is actually welcoming of other parts of nature. Some gardens, although they are made with fully natural plants and even have areas where you can grow crops, don’t look natural at all because they feel like they aren’t connected with the space in which they are at.

However, designing eco-friendly areas where plants can grow and everything seems in touch with the environment that surrounds it can make a world of difference between a properly effective garden and one that isn’t too connected to reality. Gardens must feel natural, at least according to the latest gardening trends of the year.

The main focus of these gardens is always sustainability. Beautifully crafted systems to collect rainwater will be as popular as possible in the years to come. Humans are beginning to understand the importance of caring for nature, and it’s great to see that the latest trends are suggesting exactly that.

One of the best things you can do is letting at least one part of your garden grow freely. This will enable a part of it to look even more natural than the rest, which will improve the level of connection that it has with nature. It’s all a matter of playing your cards right and choosing the best combination of nature and hand-crafted elements to make a garden that feels vibrant and filled with life.

If you’re a careful and skillful gardener, you can even try incorporating some type of wildlife to your garden if you think it can be self-sustained in the space of your home. In fact, some species will come up to your own garden naturally as you start growing plants that attract them. Even the plants that you grow to consume can be incorporated into areas of the garden to make it look richer.

All of this doesn’t mean that technology isn’t also an important gardening trend of 2020. In fact, automatic lawnmowers are becoming a huge hit amongst gardening enthusiasts across the world, and mainly in the United States. Technology already plays a big part in the everyday life of people, and now gardening is also being highly influenced by it.

Containers, Vertical Gardens, Terrariums, and the Magic of Edibles

Something very positive about the modern gardening trends is how versatile they are in almost every sense of the world. You’d be surprised to find a modern design that doesn’t look good, and trust us, there are hundreds of things that are considered garden trends in today’s world. Thankfully, most of them are also very cost-friendly and you should be able to afford them without really having to break the bank.

A very popular modern garden trend that is sure to become even bigger in 2020 is the use of containers. These can be placed almost anywhere in your garden, which gives you a lot of room to play with your imagination. Many people prefer to put various containers on the ground, while others use them on specially built wooden shelves capable of holding various garden containers at once.

In any case, the use of these containers has always been a huge thing, but round containers where the plants seem to spill out of them are going to be huge in 2020. The best thing about them is that you don’t need a lot of gardening knowledge to keep plants in place, but even if you did, maintain them is quite an easy task and all you really need to do is properly care for their nutrition.

You may also use containers to decorate your windows in case you don’t have access to a balcony or a specialized window box. If you only have a container and you wish to place it on the outer part of your window, you can incorporate it to the structure to make it seem like it was part of a window box with a little DIY work.

Speaking of window boxes, they are going to be hugely popular in 2020 as well. The sheer number of plants that you can use to brighten up the way your house looks add a lot to it, and they make it seem like the garden and your home are complementing each other, and even blending between one another. One or two boxes in some of your windows can do a lot of positive difference to the way your house looks, but be sure not to overdo it.

In the same vein, terrariums and vertical gardens are wildly popular. Small terrariums are usually preferred over larger ones, with them hanging near a window or anywhere where your garden might suit them. Vertical gardens are often used to grow edibles, and they make for quite a unique addition to an otherwise fully natural garden.

Using edibles as décor is also one of the biggest trends of the year. You can place your edible plants strategically to make them part of the environment. Harvesting will always provide you with a unique change of look to your place as well!

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