Designing a modern kitchen can be quite a difficult challenge – especially because of how many awesome new trends appear with each year that passes. Thankfully, that difficulty also means that you have a lot of options to choose from, and you’re very likely to eventually come up with something that you really love.

Staying on top of the new trends is probably your best way to go if you really want to own your kitchen’s style. Combining trends is a great way to do it, but only if you’re really sure that it’ll look good. In any case, the number of trends that you’ll see in this article will help you get a better idea of how you might want your kitchen to look, and how to make your kitchen look modern and slick.

The Glorious Imposition of Black Appliances

Black appliances never seem to become out of fashion, but they do have their ups and downs in terms of popularity. However, with the recent rise in the use of black in many areas of houses, kitchens have seen a massive spike in the incorporation of black-tinted appliances. Stoves, countertops, and storage shelves are being bought in black or even painted to suit the latest trends in the world.

It’s hard to complain about black making such an influential comeback as well – it’s just such an easy color to mix up and it seems to fit almost everywhere. It just kind of reminds us of brown shoes – they go well with everything and you can’t seem to go wrong at all while wearing them. Black appliances look slick, modern, and clean.

Incorporating Indoor Benches

You read that alright – indoor benches are not only used in public venues. Many homeowners this year have been incorporating benches to the designs of their kitchens, making them look slicker than ever before and with an added bonus of having much more space to work with whenever you’re having people over at your home for a nice dinner or lunch.

In any case, using indoor benches all along tables in your kitchen might be the way to go if you can pull off that style. They look very good when done well, and to be fair, they’re not difficult to go well with most furniture styles as long as you keep the colors right.

Be careful with benches, though – not every kitchen can pull off this style and you might be better off using some of the other trends on this list if you feel like you’ll need to make a lot of changes to the room before incorporating an indoor bench to it.

Green and Navy Blue Set to Become Huge Trends

If there’s one thing that seems to be showing is that green and navy-colored kitchens are here to stay. Nothing could be better than that either, as these two colors seem to go well in a lot of different palettes.

The main use of green with the newest trends mainly revolves around cabinets, and there really isn’t much to see in terms of appliances. In any case, it blends in quite well with lighter colors as well as some darker tones.

There are hundreds of combinations that you could try while staying on top of the latest trends, so you can rest assured that the return and prominence of navy and green are nothing but a good omen.

What’s even better is that a color like navy can easily adapt to many styles, which means that it will fit your modern kitchen or your old-fashioned room. It’s really very versatile, and there’s much to love about the way that it looks.

Your Kitchen Could be a Window to the Outdoors

Many homeowners are trying to make their kitchen a sort of gateway to the outside of their homes. This trend is gaining a lot of traction lately, and we have to say that it looks really good. You need to have access to a respectable outside area for this to work, of course, but you can rest assured that your room will gain a lot by connecting it to the outside of your home.

You can try placing some plants in your kitchen to create a visual transition between it and your patio, for example, or you could simply add windows and glass doors to the room to make it seem like it’s actually placed outside. In any case, if you have the chance to make your kitchen blend in with the other side of your house – do it! It’s going to look really good.

Slab Countertops and Splashbacks

Using entire slabs of granite or other rocky material is becoming more popular by the day, and this isn’t one of those things that happen because of looks alone (but trust us, they look amazing) – slab countertops are very practical and make your house much easier to clean.

That’s because slabbed countertops tend to be made of one entire piece of material, which means that you won’t have to worry about cleaning tiles, which can be quite inconvenient.

In any case, it’s good to see the return of slab designs in the kitchen industry. If there’s one place of your home that truly needs them, it’s the kitchen. What’s better is that they go well with anything!

Rustic Finishes and Wood

If you’ve been following the latest trends of the industry when it comes to living rooms or any other part of your home, you’ve probably already seen how prominent the rise of rustic finishes and wood is proving to be. People from every part of the world are returning to using rustic designs and wooden surfaces, with a clear rise in sales of wooden homes.

Kitchens are no exception to this awesome trend. The use of rustic furniture seems to be ever more popular in the world of homeowners, and kitchens are gaining an edge in the department. Most catalogs show some very prominent uses of rustic styles in modern kitchens, and it seems to look fresher than ever when combined with some modern elements.

This is not to say you’ll have to go and turn your entire kitchen into a wood showing to fit with the latest trends, but incorporating some elements of rustic design to your kitchen can add quite a lot to the style, should they fit it, of course.

Using Technology to Better a Kitchen – Effective Cabinet Handling

Even though we’ve seen how nature and rustic styles are bigger than they were in the past, this is not to exclude the use of technology in most modern kitchen designs. Many new trends are suggesting people to opt for smaller storages than can be easily opened and managed with some elements of technological craft that incorporate new ways to open drawers to the kitchen.

For example, using small units of storage that can be easily pulled out of the cabinets makes storing stuff way less stressful while also incorporating that technology into the same style of your kitchen.

That makes it blend in quite well with any design that you may already have without having to alter it or modify it at all. Just add drawers and storage compartments into your kitchen to fit in with the latest trends.

Minimalism Takes Over

In recent times, some people have started using a lot of décors and they have added too much stuff to their kitchens to make them look better, but the latest trends are suggesting that the best way to do this is by going minimalistic. You can sense how this pattern is actually taking over entire homes, as many room trends are following a minimalistic approach in all senses of the word.

Fewer tones and fewer decorations can make a kitchen look very cozy without having to overdo it in any other department. Just be sure to make a good layout of how you want your minimalistic kitchen to look and try your best to keep a clean design.

Smart Kitchens and Their Influence in the World

In a world where nature seems to be in constant danger and climate is in a state of collapse, choosing smart kitchens is probably the best trend you can follow in this list. Smart kitchen appliances are becoming more popular than ever now that people are realizing that they do make a difference when everyone does it, and the trends suggest that they also look very good.

Smart kitchens are being pushed by many people in the world, so go smart and buy those amazing appliances that help you reduce waste and make the best use of what you got.

Ceramic vs Hardwood – Which One You Prefer?

Ceramic and hardwood are both trending influences in kitchen styles right now, so you can choose whichever design you like the most to innovate your room. Both have their advantages, and ceramic is easier to clean. It’s a matter of choosing the right priorities for you!

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