While an invitation to your wedding should be its own reward, sometimes it’s nice for guests to leave your event with a little something extra. It can be hard to find wedding favors that guests will actually use and appreciate that isn’t super expensive.

If you have 100 guests at your wedding, that means you have to pay for 100 favors. Knick knacks can add up fast. On this list, you’ll find unique and affordable wedding favor ideas, many of which you can even make yourself.

Homemade Woodwich Scented Soy Candles

soy candles wedding favor

Who doesn’t love a little scented candle? Especially if it’s in an adorable copper container. Woodwicks actually crackle when you light them, so it smells and sounds like you’re near a real mini bonfire.

Candles are super easy to make yourself, plus, if you DIY, you can make them whatever scent you’d like. Having a signature wedding scent has been becoming more popular, and these candles are a great way to integrate scent into your wedding day.

Perosnalized Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

krispy kreme wedding favor

This is a genius idea. First of all, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are delicious. Secondly, these 2-packs kind of look like two matching wedding rings. You could have a lot of fun with writing little puns about rings and sweet things on these boxes.

I love how this couple added a personalized sticker to all of the boxes. Sometimes guests end up throwing away wedding favors, but everybody can appreciate a good doughnut.

Motorized Fans For A Summer Wedding

 paper fan wedding favor

This very smart bride gave out battery-powered and paper fans as wedding favors. These ones have labels on them with printed-on phrases such as, “I’m a FAN of Matt and Amelia,” “stuff is getting FANcy,” “Matelia is my favorite FANdom,” “this was FANtastic,” and, “get your FANny to the dance floor.”

Not only are these absolutely adorable, but they’re also super useful for a summer wedding. Now your guests won’t melt in the July heat.

Read on for a wedding favor that’s squeaky clean.

His And Hers Handkerchiefs

handkerchief wedding favor purple floral

This favor is all in the folding. It’s the same handkerchief, just folded differently into either a bow tie or a skirt shape. You can pick a handkerchief that matches your wedding colors so that everything is picture-perfect when your guests are overcome with emotion watching you pledge your love to your husband or wife.

Your guests can reuse these handkerchiefs later as hair ties, scarves, or home decor. These favors are very on theme.

Customized Bottle Openers

state bottle opener wedding favor

The couple who gave out these favors are both engineers. They were able to design and create these bottle openers that are shaped like the island the got married on. It’s Vancouver Island, for anybody who’s wondering.

They also engraved the bottle openers with their initials and the date of their wedding. If you aren’t getting married on an island you could give out bottle openers shaped like the place where you and your spouse first met.

Celebrate With Soap

soap wedding favor

These handmade soaps make lovely wedding favors. Soap is another way to incorporate your wedding scent into your event. If you’re an expert soap maker, you could even emboss the soap with your initials or the date of your wedding.

Soap is useful, it smells great, and everybody could use some. Also, it’s super cheap to make. Your guests will appreciate the effort that went into these favors. Add a custom label and you’re good to go.

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Wood Burned Coasters

wood burned coaster wedding favor

The art of wood burning or pyrography is super easy to learn. All you need is a wood burning tool, which is basically just an inkless pen that gets really really hot. You can buy plain wood coasters at your local craft store, or if you’re feeling really thrifty, you can chop some wood yourself.

This bride chose a floral motif for her coasters, but you can choose a design that suits your particular wedding theme.

A First Aid Kit Favor

first aid kit wedding favor

The couple who gave out these favors actually met while working in an emergency room, so this gift is rather fitting. First aid kits are super useful, and nobody ever has a bandaid when they need one.

This favor pays tribute to something personal about the bride and groom while still being something that guests can actually keep for a long time. You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to give out these favors, but if you are, then it’s even better.

Personalized Mini Nutella Jars

nutella wedding favor

This bride paid $48.98 on Amazon to get 64 mini jars of Nutella. That works out to less than $1 per favor, which is pretty thrifty if you ask me. Plus, Nutella is a gift that pretty much anybody can appreciate.

This bride decorated the Nutella jars with some stickers that she had leftover from the invitations that she ordered. If you don’t have any stickers, you could jazz these up with some festive ribbons.

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The Tattoos Are Temporary, But The Love Is Forever

temporary tattoo wedding favor

This couple chose to handout handmade temporary tattoos at their wedding. The bride created the design herself and then had it made into tattoos at a local Etsy shop. It’s way cheaper to customize temporary tattoos if you design the tattoos yourself.

If you’re not gifted when it comes to design, maybe that’s a job for one of your artistically inclined bridesmaids… These are super cute and super personal. It’s the little touches that make a wedding special.

Handmade Coasters

tile coster wedding favor

These personalized coasters are super cheap and easy to make. This bride created the art herself on the silhouette software and then cut it out with the silhouette machine. These coasters can also double as place cards on your big day.

This bride got a large case of 4-inch backsplash tiles at Home Depot and that seemed to do the trick. Ceramic tile is sold pretty much everywhere, though. These definitely cost less than $1 each to make.

Lollipops Made With Love

lolipop wedding favor

This bride decided to DIY some gourmet lollipops to hand out as favors at her wedding. She made three flavors: peach bellini with edible flowers inside, mint mojito with mint leaves and candied lemons, and strawberry champagne with edible gold hearts.

The recipe just calls for sugar, corn syrup, water, flavoring, color. The bride and her now-husband printed the labels themselves and added edible flowers to make the lollipops look extra pretty. These look good enough to eat.

Wine Stoppers That Won’t Stop The Party

wine stopper wedding favor

This crafty couple made some wine stoppers to give to their guests as wedding favors. It took them around 3 months to complete the project, and they finished making the stoppers just nine days before their wedding.

They got all of the wood for free by asking around for scrap wood, and all of the metal materials and tools cost them $300 in total. That might seem like a steep price, but now these two have woodworking tools that they can use whenever they feel like making more hand-widdled stuff.

Read on for a gift that’s really for the birds.

Heart-Shaped Bird Feeders Are Cheap And Eco-Friendly

bird feeder wedding favor

These bird seed ornaments will have the most beautiful birds flocking to your guests’ homes long after your wedding is over. They’re super easy to make and a whole large bag of birdseed only costs around $20. You can package these up in little decorative bags and add a tag with your names or initials on it.

Save some for your own backyard or balcony too. This is a great project that you and your fiancé can do together.

Painted Rocks Are Beautifully Nostalgic

painted rocks wedding favor

Did you ever paint rocks as a kid? There’s something so nostalgic about sitting down and decorating a piece of the earth. These painted rocks could be used as paperweights or garden markers. These ones could just be stand-alone art pieces.

This bride worked for hours to make a unique rock for each of her wedding guests. No two rocks are the same. Now that’s dedication. Which of these rocks is your favorite? This bride has some serious talent.

Edible Favors Are The Best Favors

cookie wedding favors

Personalized handmade cookies make excellent wedding favors. They’re cheap to make and if you have a free weekend, you can knock out a couple hundred sugar cookies all in one go. You can cut them in the shape of your initials like in the photo above, or you can go with round cookies and just write your initials on them with icing.

Send your guests home with something sweet that you made in your own kitchen.

Custom Drawstring Bags

homemade bag wedding favor

These handmade bags are perfect for stuffing with other small gifts, perhaps even some of the other favors on this list. I think those little handmade soaps would look great in a custom drawstring bag. You can choose a fabric that suits your wedding theme, plus these bags can be used over and over again, which is great for the environment.

Choose to do away with harmful plastic packaging and have a chic eco-friendly wedding.

Succulents Are So In Style

succulent wedding favor

I know so many people who would literally jump for joy if they received a succulent as a wedding favor. These plants are super trendy, and they’re really easy to take care of (which is probably why they’re so trendy).

Tiny succulents make adorable gifts, plus they won’t break your budget. You can also use these succulents as centerpieces and then let your guests take them home as favors— then you kill two birds with one… succulent.

Bags And Cups And Cards, Oh My

bag wedding favor

This is a whole wedding favor set. Jennifer and Michael decided to personalize a reusable bag, a travel cup, and a deck of playing cards. These are all items that your guests can make use of long after your wedding is over.

There are plenty of companies that will personalize items like this for you. Alternatively, you can attempt to DIY a personalized cup and tote. It might be harder to DIY personalized playing cards.

Personalized Candle Tins

personalized candles wedding favor

This bride put her candle making hobby to good use by crafting some Anthropologie inspired candles. She even got these candles to smell just like the Capri Blue Volcano candles from Anthropologie.

She made these by melting wax, gluing wicks to the bottom of the jars, mixing in Volcano fragrance oil, and then pouring the melted wax into the jars. She made the labels on Canva (a design and photo editing website) and printed them on Avery labels.


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