Oro Valley dog lovers, rejoice!

The adorable Fourth Avenue-area dog wash and boutique Rosie’s Barkét now has a second location in Oro Valley.

This is where you go to buy your fur friend puppy pastries or colorful chew toys. There are tables full of treats and plenty of doggie accessories like bandannas and leashes. The Oro Valley shop opened March 29. 

The treat counter at Rosie’s Barkét in Oro Valley has puppy pastries. 

The 1500-square-foot store also has four DIY dog-wash stations, each separate and fully stocked with everything you need to give your furball a bath. Each station is enclosed, meaning you can let your pup off her leash during the bath without having to worry that she’ll make a break for it. Each bath costs $20 and includes unlimited time, plus the use of towels, shampoo, conditioner, a doggy hair dryer, brushes and wipes. If you really feel like splurging, pay $5 for add-ons such as a blueberry facial, lavender paw and nose balm or minty toothpaste. These people know how to spoil a dog. 

Using one of the four bathing stations at Rosie’s Barkét in Oro Valley gives you access to shampoo, conditioner, towels, a dog hair dryer, and a variety of other helpful hygiene tools. 

Nicole and Johnny Carrillo opened the Seventh Street store, just around the corner from Fourth Avenue, in 2017. Nicole says she knew shortly after opening that store that she wanted a second Rosie’s location. Rosie, by the way, is one of the couple’s poodles. They have three.

“My kitchen brain died so that my dog brain could wake up,” Nicole says. In addition to finding a second location, the singular focus has enabled her to focus on nutrition and stock Rosie’s Barkét with premium dog food and treats — for example, freeze-dried duck heads, pig snouts and rabbit ears. Thank goodness for tongs. 

Pamper your pet with freeze-dried raw treats from Rosie’s Barkét in Oro Valley. That is literally a duck head in the bottom left corner, by the way. 

You’ll find the new Rosie’s Barkét at 7960 N. Oracle Road in the strip mall with Trader Joe’s. Nicole says that when the couple first moved to Tucson, they had their business in the Fourth Avenue area but lived further north. She’s always been fond of this strip mall. It was the halfway point between work and home. 

“We’d get dinner at Trader Joe’s every night, and I loved the energy here because it’s super family friendly,” she says.  

The 1500-square-foot store has plenty of treats and toys, plus four enclosed bathing stations.

The Seventh Street location is only open Friday through Sunday, but Nicole says they have no plans to close that location. They see that store as more of an event space for puppy play dates and dog birthdays. 

At both locations, she wants customers to have a personal experience. After all, “Amazon can’t wash your dog,” she says. 

“I don’t want to be just a pet store,” she adds. “I want you to have an experience with your dog when you come in.” 


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