You can take the girl out the country, but you can’t take the country out the girl. As a person from East Texas who is conforming to this Austin, Texas trend of studio apartments, I have to say I am next in line to get a barn door. If you’re into the farmhouse style like me, barn doors will make a great addition to your home.

I am obsessed with the farmhouse look. If having a farmhouse theme has been on your wishlist for a while now, installing an interior barn door is the perfect start. Note, the doors are not included in the sliding barn door kit, but that just means you get to get creative with your own barn doors. I recommend supporting a local store or carpenter and getting the knotty alder wood barn door of your dreams. Once you decide if you’re going with a single or double door, it’s time to redecorate your entryway.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The sliding barn door hardware kit comes with rails and a rail spacer. A roller, door stop, end cap, floor guide and hex key is also included. Keep in mind that the door thickness recommended for this kit is 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches.

So you might be wondering if a sliding barn door can even work in your home. I’ll break this down! Let’s start with the rail. The rail hangs above the doorway. Think of it as a shower rod. With the help of screws and a drill, the barn door will be attached to the hangers. At this step, think of the hangers as shower hooks.

Once the door is securely hanging, you’ll attach the floor guide and stopper. This acts as a track for the door to travel along for opening. This keeps the door from swinging! The stopper will be attached so it doesn’t slide off the guide or barn door track. After going through the installation reviews, I think people were pretty serious about the installation being easy!

Hardware Barn Door Screws

Homlux differentiates the types of screws included. Expansion screws are for cement walls, and ordinary screws are for wood walls.

If you’re looking for a DIY project, here you go! Although, there’s a few things to consider before installing a sliding barn door. Make sure there is space for the barn door to slide open. You don’t want to install a barn door if it’s too close to the edge of the room. Overlapping the wall will not end in a fun DIY project. Make sure it won’t slide over things such as picture frames, light switches or other items that could be affected. A spacious wall is required for this farmhouse style. If you don’t have enough room for a farmhouse barn door, no worries. You can even put barn doors on your furniture!

Cabinet Barn Door Kit

When I go with themes for my apartment, I try not to be excessive. But I whole heartedly believe you can’t have too many barn doors. I personally hate the sound of cabinets closing, but sliding barn doors are known for their soft close.

Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Hardware

Yes, you already know I was going to say to install sliding barn doors in your kitchen too. I recommend stainless steel hardware to match your new kitchen appliances.

Heavy Duty Barn Door Kit

I love the solid wood and knotty pine barn doors, but metal barn doors are beautiful as well. I recommend looking for barn door kits that have heavy duty hardware if you get a metal door.

Ornate Cut Sliding Barn Door

The ornate cut on this kit is gorgeous and Southern. Details, details! Ornate designs are popular in living rooms. My old living room rug and throw pillows had ornate designs. Check around your living room for specific designs and get your barn door kits to match. Also, don’t forget to pick out some cute door handles for your double sliding barn door.

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