Your home is a blank canvas for expressing your personality and individuality. Sometimes, though, the canvas feels overwhelming. Where to start?

A fun trend in home décor is the accent wall. Accent walls become a canvas in and of themselves. They can be a budget-friendly way to express yourself and create a dramatic impression.

Accent walls can involve a variety of materials, ranging from the simple to the more elaborate of choices. Paint, wallpaper, fabric, wood and tile can all be used to make a stylish impact in any living space, from the living area to the bedroom or kitchen.


A fresh coat of color is obviously the easiest way to make a wall pop. The choice of color is key. The accent wall should complement to other colors in the space and have similar undertones. If the other wall colors are warm, the accent wall should be a warm color, too.

Chalkboard paint can create a fun wall in the kitchen or a child’s bedroom or playroom space. Use it for making lists, keeping track of appointments and writing recipes in the kitchen or a space where kids can doodle on walls their heart’s content.

Stencils & Patterns

To take paint a step further, try stencils for painting patterns. Use painter’s tape to create a color blocking effect, or try abstract shapes and designs using complementary colors.

Although wall stenciling may sound intimidating, new patterns are much more user-friendly than in the past. Keep colors neutral to create a great effect — use two light greys, for example — and repeat a simple pattern.


Wallpaper has made a return in recent years, but the style quotient has been upped drastically. Using wallpaper on just a small accent wall, rather than an entire room, can keep the effect more dramatic.

Temporary wallpaper is also on trend, with a multitude of designs and motifs that can be easily changed out when desired — no paste and none of those tedious wallpaper stripping implements needed. Wallpaper murals are also popular for creating visual interest with little commitment.

Wallpaper patterns can be bold and have a visual effect on any space, making it appear taller or longer. If you have built-in shelves or cabinets, try lining the backs of the shelves for a color pop.

Temporary wallpaper is a fabulous alternative for kids’ rooms, when tastes will change as they age. Sweet patterns and whimsical characters are available for the youngest of tots, all the way up to more sophisticated designs for temperamental teens.


Draping a wall in fabric may sound like the stuff of your college dorm tapestry days but do a quick internet search of “fabric wall” and you’ll be blown away by the creative ways in which decorators and homeowners are using fabric on their walls these days.

There are gorgeous fabric wallpapers as an easy option or DIY tutorials for covering your walls in fantastic fabric beauty. Fabric, as we know, comes in endless patterns, color combinations and textures, making it the perfect medium for creating an accent wall.

Stretching fabric over canvas or wrapping affordable wooden frames can create lightweight blocks in any size for easy hanging, either separately or in arrangements.


Once again, there’s a wallpaper for that. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, peel-and-stick wood panels and planks are also an instantaneous and affordable way to bring the warmth of wood into any space on any wall with a little bit more texture.

They’re easily applied and come in many shades and colors without the heaviness of real wood. Whether you’re looking to add a rustic vibe or something sleek and modern, there’s a design for everyone’s taste. There are three-dimensional applications to create additional texture or herringbone patterns for an eye-catching design.

Creative DIYers are even applying round wooden coasters to walls with one-of-a-kind results or using the slats from free wooden pallets, finished in a variety of stains and colors. Reclaimed wood is all the rage in home projects such as accent walls.


Creating a tiled accent wall is a beautiful and timeless effect for any room. Tiles can dramatically change to look of any space and options are amazing.

The experts at Brick House Tile Company in Keene are available to help meet all your tile needs and can offer advice for any application. Their gorgeous handcrafted Cider Press Tiles come in a variety of collections and lines with as many as 15 pieces in each line.

Form porcelain, to natural stone or glass and mosaic, the options in Brick House’s seven tile showrooms come from all over the world, making tile a luxurious and timeless option for creating a memorable accent wall. For more information, visit brickhousetiles.com.

So, get those creative juices flowing indoors this spring. Throw open the windows, welcome in that fresh air and bring some of the brilliant colors of nature into your home décor with an accent wall.


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