Just in time to wrap up any last-minute renovation plans before the fall craziness kicks in, we’re back this week with the top kitchen trends we’ve seen on Instagram.

Most people spend more time in their kitchens than they realize, and this week’s trends are all about turning your kitchen from a meal factory into a dreamy gourmet space that makes every meal feel like a luxury.

So if you were already considering giving your kitchen some makeover love, keep reading for this week’s top kitchen trends, plus all of the details on how you can get the look in your home.

Contemporary cabinets that won’t show dirt

The #whitekitchen had its moment, and we’re ready to move on. The combination of black cabinets and white walls, on the other hand, as seen in @kitchen_posts_daily’s repost from @conklinhouse, offers a similar polished look—but one that won’t require constant cleaning.

“Adding black base cabinets to your kitchen is a chic and dramatic design element for a kitchen,” says John Monte, designer with Elegant Simplicity. “All-white kitchens can not only feel stark but are difficult to keep clean. The black base cabinets are the perfect way to help lessen the noticeability of everyday wear and tear, and the white walls ensure the kitchen won’t be too dark.”

Get the look: To upgrade your kitchen to this classic look, check out these cabinets from Kraftmaid in black onyx.

Sturdy bar stools that upgrade your kitchen aesthetic

What if we told you that you could have it all: a kid-proof kitchen that also looks like it was torn from the pages of a magazine? That’s the look we fell for when spying this repost from @westelm designed by @jkath_designbuild, featuring these sturdy chrome and wood bar stools in their farmhouse-style kitchen.

“Industrial is in,” says Carla Gaeta, owner and lead designer of Gemini Design Group, “and touches of plumbing pipe, organic materials, and earthy colors all blend beautifully to create an urban hip style.”

Get the look: Ramp up your kitchen style with a set of these functional and stylish bar stools, by shopping the collections on Houzz.

Repurposed light fixture

Fancy light fixtures are great, but repurposed ceiling candy that can also hold your plants? That’s even better. Just look at this creative light solution using an old ladder that @farmhousekitchenlove reposted from @cassandradesign.

The combination of rustic wood ladder, exposed lightbulbs, and hanging plants ties in this farmhouse kitchen look perfectly, and we’d bet this designer found the ladder for next to nothing.

“Reuse, repurpose, and enjoy,” says Gaeta. “When designing for clients, I am always looking for ways to be creative and unique, and the trend of repurposing an older item gives so much character to a space.”

Get the look: If you happen to have an old ladder or a piece of driftwood lying around, then you might be able to take the DIY route with this trend. Otherwise we recommend checking out the unique light fixtures on Etsy. If you have a larger budget, consider one of the rustic chandeliers at Shades of Light.

Vintage milk crate storage

We like new stuff just as much as the next person, but there’s something about having these vintage items in a room that really adds to its personality, which is why this little farmhouse vignette from @whitetailfarmhouse caught our eye. Propped on its side, the milk crate suddenly becomes a small shelving unit that’s functional without breaking the rustic theme of the kitchen.

“Repurposing home decor like this milk crate storage is the perfect way to create a cozy, laid-back home that feels curated over time,” says Monte.

Get the look: Create new storage spaces around your kitchen by shopping the wooden antiques available through Antique Farmhouse.

Apron sink

A sink shouldn’t be just the place you wash your hands and prep the veggies. It could also be the focal point in your kitchen, especially if you choose a stunning wide-basin apron sink like the one pictured in @vivietmargot’s kitchen.

“Kitchens are gathering places, the hearts of homes, and ultimately a place many people spend a lot of time adding features that make the kitchen feel less utilitarian,” says Monte. “Not to mention, these sinks typically offer a larger and deeper basin for cleaning or prepping.”

Get the look: Apron sinks come in a variety of finishes, including fireclay, marble, and even concrete. You can find the one that’s perfect for your kitchen by shopping the designs at Wayfair or Dax.


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