2lg Studio, AKA Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, diagnose your design dilemmas

SO YOU’VE spent a fortune on a new kitchen and your creativity is truly spent. Don’t lose heart. It’s common when designing and decorating your home that you can run out of steam towards the end, so we wanted to talk about kitchen details: the appliances. The things you use every day like kettles, taps and toasters that seem so mundane, but can finish off your new kitchen or give your old kitchen a facelift. There’s literally millions to choose from.

We’re choosing the finishing touches for our new kitchen but I’m worried a cooker hood will become the centrepiece. With kitchen appliances, should we go for style or function? Shona and Ed

Always function over style. Because our own kitchen is a large, open-plan space with lots of windows, we opted to go without a cooker hood. It’s not such a big problem as we are vegans so are never really cooking meat. We wanted a super-minimal look and didn’t want to have any appliances at all on the worktops — so we opted for a gold Zip Tap which will serve your water chilled, filtered, sparkling or boiling. Although pricey, it’s a great investment. Customised boiling/cold hydrotaps start at £2,649, zipwater.co.uk

We’ve just installed a traditional navy blue wooden kitchen with white marble tops and splash back. We have a gold tap but stainless steel sink so are not sure what colour toaster and kettle to go for. Help! Tobi

We’re glad you don’t mind mixing metals — we too have a gold tap and steel sink. This means you could go either way with your kitchen accessories and appliances. You could go for something bold and colourful in your favourite hue, but we have to say we would probably stick with traditional, in black and chrome. If you have an Aga or gas stove, a traditional kettle on the hob would be fab. Avoid anything 1950s-looking as it will really jar. Then you can add colour to taste with artwork.

I’ve just moved into my first flat and want to give the white kitchen a bit of wow factor. But it’s a rental, so no DIY allowed. Katza

A couple of cool appliances could help here. When we were kids, all you could get was a white or a black kettle and matching toaster. But now there is a rainbow of options available to you. We particularly love Smeg’s new gold range — add some bling with a kettle and toaster pairing in bang on-trend gold.

Rise of the machines…

Here’s our round-up of the best kitchen accessories the high street has to offer — and how we would use them…


These vintage scales (top) are spot-on and avoid the pastiche of looking like a museum piece or flea market find. The Kitchen Pantry Mechanical Scales in Black & Brass. £25, amara.com


This kettle with toaster will make any kitchen luxe. Smeg Gold Breakfast Set, £179.95 each, check smeguk.com for stockists


A little wit can go a long way in the kitchen and it’s all about details. Alessi do this so well! Bird Whistle Kettle, blue, £105, amara.com


Russ always wanted a KitchenAid, the Rolls-Royce of baking paraphernalia, and we finally got this one… it’s now got £200 off! KitchenAid limited edition Artisan in matte lavender, £399, very.co.uk



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