Each year brings with it a host of new trends that promise to pervade the style zeitgeist. 2019 is, of course, no exception—and thanks to Pinterest’s just-released Pinterest 100 report (the platform’s trend forecast for the year), we already have an idea of what 2019 interior design trends will be straight-up omnipresent over the next 12 months.

The Pinterest 100 report spans tons of genres; the platform uses it to clue us into the upcoming year’s top fashion trends, top wedding trends and much, much more. And while we have our eyes on those trend reports, too, we’re particularly excited about Pinterest’s predictions for 2019 interior design trends. Why? We can’t be the only ones who get an inkling to refresh our spaces on an annual basis, right?

Just as the new year inspires us to re-energize our lives—through resolution setting, goal smashing and the like—it also motivates us to purge our belongings, organize our spaces and redecorate literally everything. Interior design trends offer exciting new ways for us to do so, by opening our eyes to new trends—which we like to see as new ways for us to express ourselves through home decor.

For 2019, Pinterest forecasts tons of exciting, daring interior design trends: painted floor tiles, geometric wall paint, textile art, mustard yellow accents and bold print wallpaper. Simple planters will be traded for vertical gardens and creative cactus arrangements. And anyone doing a reno will want to consider building in a contemporary fireplace or natural swimming pool. (The rest of us can just mentally plan these into our spaces without ever executing. A little daydreaming never hurt anyone, right?)

Ahead, our breakdown of nine 2019 interior design trends Pinterest says we’ll see everywhere next year. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some trend recapping (and then some serious home decor shopping) to do.

Painted Floor Tiles

Floor tiles have long offered creative decorators an exciting way to elevate their spaces. In 2019, this trend promises to continue—and get a little louder than it already is. According to Pinterest, searches for “painted floor tiles” are up 1,276 percent (whoa) as people increasingly consider the idea of turning their floors into straight-up masterpieces. (Never neglect the details!)

Textile Art

Though tapestries have pervaded the wall decor space in recent years, textile art promises to be the next big thing. According to Pinterest, searches for textile art are up 1,718 percent (whoa, again), as decorators continue to take advantage of creative ways to add texture to their homes.

Mustard Yellow

Marigold yellow might be the 2019 “it” color for the fashion set, but home-minded individuals will be drawn to mustard yellow in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for “mustard yellow” in the home decor space are up 45 percent—and all kinds of decor are encompassed in this movement.

Want a mustard yellow accent wall? Great. Into something more subtle, like mustard yellow frames or throw pillows? Also great. Want to transform your entire home into a mustard yellow paradise? Do you. The options for taking advantage of this 2019 color trend are pretty much endless, so follow your heart’s interior decor desires.

Cactus Arrangements

As succulents continue to trend, creative cactus arrangements are set to take center stage. According to Pinterest, searches for “cactus arrangements” are up 235 percent. Because why shop one succulent when you could shop a bunch—and arrange them in interesting ways?

Geometric Paint

The geometric wall trend is redefining the statement wall, by offering daring decorators new ways to add a little pizzazz to their spaces. According to Pinterest, searches for “geometric paint” are up 225 percent. And if you need some help envisioning how you might try the trend yourself, Pinterest has tons of ideas for you.

Contemporary Fireplace

This is one trend only the high-rollers among us can take advantage of, but the rest of us can still look on in awe. According to Pinterest, searches for “contemporary fireplaces” are up 763 percent—making the contemporary fireplaces an excellent addition to any home reno, and a truly wonderful Pinterest rabbit hole to lose yourself in the next time your bored.

Bold Wallpaper

In 2018, we embraced tropical wallpaper. In 2019, we’re expanding our tastes a bit—and embracing bold print wallpaper in all its forms and fashions. According to Pinterest, searches for “bold wallpaper” are up 401 percent, and we’re personally very, very excited to shop this trend.

Natural Swimming Pools

Another trend for the high-rollers (or honestly, the travelers) among us, natural pools are the trendiest way to get your swim on in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for “natural swimming pools” are up 262 percent on Pinterest. While this is one trend we can’t really shop—it is one we can drool over. So excuse us while we spend the next few hours fawning over every natural swimming pool photo we can find.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens aren’t really new, but they’re reaching new levels of trendiness in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for “vertical gardens” are up 287 percent. So if cactus arrangements aren’t a cool enough way to decorate your home with plants, maybe growing flowers up your wall is more your speed.


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