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Things To Consider When Looking At Furniture Stores 


Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a furniture store is price. Shops can range from high-end and brand new to cheap and used (but still in good condition), so you don’t worry too much if you’re on a limited budget. All you have to do is decide on a price range that you’re comfortable with and stick to it! 

Customer Service

Even if you already have an idea of what kind of furniture you’d like to buy, having a staff member help you out creates a much more seamless experience. Great customer service assists you when you need it, makes recommendations based on your style and budget, and won’t push you to purchase anything you’re not sold on.

Man shopping for leather chairs in a furniture store



When it comes to furniture stores, location can be important if you’re picking up the furniture yourself. But if you don’t have a car, or prefer to have the furniture brought to your home, then a store with a delivery option is a must. Check if they charge for the service and how much. If not, you’ll have to arrange for your own pick-up. Either way, you’ll have to factor in transportation costs!

Payment Options

Furniture can be a big spend, so it’s quite common for stores to offer financing options or payment instalment plans for large purchases. Ask the furniture shop if you need to pay for everything upfront, or if there’s a way to stagger the payment. 

Product Range

Most furniture shops will stock items for every part of the house, from the bedroom to the living room to outdoor areas. But others might specialise in certain rooms or pieces. General furniture stores are more convenient and great for canvassing, but specialised stores are good for finding unique statement furniture you probably won’t find anywhere else.

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Lastly, it’s important to think about the aesthetic you’re going for. Maybe you prefer the minimalism of Scandinavian design, vintage Italian excess, or perhaps you’re more into French art deco. Each furniture shop has its own style, so find one that matches the look you want to achieve.

The 8 Best Furniture Stores In Melbourne

8. Ikea

Price: $

Location: Victoria Street, Richmond

Would any list of top furniture stores be complete without Ikea? This Swedish brand is famous worldwide for its trendy minimalist designs, build-your-own model, and affordable selection.

Shop from Ikea here.

7. Domayne

Price: $

Location: Lonsdale Street

Your all-in-one furniture store, Domayne has some of the biggest furniture brands in stock – including some high-quality Melbourne-made pieces. Don’t want to visit the store in person? No problem, you can buy most of their designs online.

Shop from Domayne here.

6. West Elm

Price: $$

Location: Chapel Street, South Yarra

Sofas, rugs, beddings, home accessories – you name it, this high-end furniture shop in Melbourne has it. West Elm is perfect for homes with a bright, colourful, and modern aesthetic.

Shop from West Elm here.

5. Matt Blatt

Price: $

Location: Church Street, Richmond

Get youthful, trendy statement pieces at incredible prices at Matt Blatt, one of the best shops along Church St. Plus, the store is always on sale, which makes their quirky and eclectic selection even more accessible.

Shop from Matt Blatt here.

4. Jardan

Price: $$$

Location: Church Street, Richmond

Sustainability is the name of the game at Jardan. Each piece is lovingly, painstakingly handmade in Melbourne using ethically-sourced materials and eco-friendly processes. It’s relaxed, laidback, and down-to-earth. 

Shop from Jardan here.

3. Coco Republic

Price: $$$

Location: Church Street, Richmond

A Coco Republic interior is defined by its breathtaking, light, and spacious design. The store’s luxurious collections are carefully curated to provide you only the best of the best from the world’s top designers.

Shop from Coco Republic here.

2. Great Dane Furniture

Price: $$

Location: Johnston Street, Fitzroy

For the Scandinavian aesthetic that’s all the rage nowadays, Great Dane is definitely #1. Besides furniture that is both simple and timeless, they also provide architecture and property styling services.

Shop from Great Dane here.

1. Living Edge

Price: $$$

Location: Bridge Road, Richmond

If you want a good balance of stand-out pieces and simple, modern furniture, then Living Edge is the perfect store for you. Get a few accent items to break up the monotony of a super sleek room.

Shop Living Edge here.


These stores have incredible customer service, impressive selections, and a reputation for great quality. Bring the joy back into home decor shopping and check out these furniture shops in Melbourne – we promise you won’t regret it!

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