No matter what type of home you live in, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for design trends to make things look different and better. We’ve made a small list of all the best interior design trends that we’ve come across that we feel that they’re going to make your rooms look much better than they do right now – and we’re sure they look good already!

In any case, trends seem to be quite fleeting in the major scheme of things. Some trends seem to be out of the public eye within a couple of months, but the ones that we’re going to show you here should keep your house or apartment looking quite fancy or pretty even after they stop being trends and the spotlight goes away.

Just be sure to pick trends that fit the style of your place. Don’t just grab a new loveseat with the trending fabric just because you want to have the newest and prettiest thing. Be sure that the colors used fit into the room where you want to place the furniture and you should be good to go.

Try photoshopping them into the room first to make sure that the design fits! Returning products to the store can be quite a pain in the back when dealing with large sofas or loveseats.

Black Kitchens Are the Future

Seriously, black kitchen appliances never seem to go away. In fact, this year, they’ve made a stronger comeback and now you can see them on almost every single kitchen catalog that you come across on the internet or on any trendy magazine. There’s a reason why they’re so popular as well – they are extremely attractive to the eye and they fit almost every color palette.

Sure, some people might not like them as much because they get rather dirty with ease, but there’s nothing that a small cleaning once in a while won’t fix. In any case, black kitchens are the future and they seem to be here to stay. We’re glad to see them returning once more!

Patterns Are Still a Thing!

If you think patterns are a thing of the past, think again. Patterned looks are more popular than ever in most kitchen designs, but they’re also making an overall splendid come back to the grand scheme of things. Living rooms and bedrooms are once again being decorated with patterned styles on the walls, and even though they aren’t as rustic as they were in Victorian times, they do add more depth to the room.

Patterned rooms rarely look good with a lot of décors, though, so try not to overdo it. Visually overcharging a room with a lot of décors is tiring to the eye in general, but even more so when working with patterns in walls. Be careful with this, as not everything mixes up quite well and you can end up with a room that will need a new remodel quicker than you think.

Fancy Tubs to Spice Up Your Bathroom

Another huge trend that has revamped the way we see bathrooms in modern design trend magazines is the introduction of expensive and aesthetically good-looking bathtubs to keep the center of attention in it when you enter a bathroom. Fancy bathtubs are more popular than ever, and this has been reflected in a clear increase in sales of expensive tubs in the current year.

Many magazines are presenting tubs in the center of bathrooms and with everything pointing out at just how important it is to have a great and fancy-looking tub regardless of the size of your bathroom. It’s not about the size of your bathtub either – what’s important is having a bathtub that looks good and takes the spotlight whenever you enter the room.

Yellow, In All of Its Greatness

Yellow has made an amazing comeback once more and it’s now one of the most popular colors that you can use when decorating a living room or any main room of your home. The best thing about this year’s trends is that yellow has well and truly taken up a major part of the spotlight, with people of all tastes using it in their latest design ideas.

Yellow isn’t back on its own, either. We’re now seeing an increase of color palettes with yellow as its main color. Even in patterns yellow is becoming an important element once more, just like it once was many a year ago. The best thing is that, just like black, yellow is as easy to mix with other colors as it gets, which means that you might even be able to fit it into most of your rooms!

Custom-Made is the Way to Go

There has been a massive spike this year in custom-made item sales. There are many websites that sell items made by people (which are quite unique) and their sales have increased substantially. In fact, with over three billion dollars in profits, some of these sites have become so lucrative simply because buying custom seems to be the way to go in recent times.

People like authenticity, and nothing is more authentic than a design that can only be bought once. Gone are the days with houses filled with pre-made furniture – people want to buy stuff that can’t be replicated, and there’s no better way to do that than to purchase items from artisans and people who don’t make things in mass.

However, it’s important to mix things up and the latest trends also show the importance of pre-made stuff. People who buy custom items don’t do it to fill their homes with custom furniture, they buy mainly products to complement the furniture that they already own.

Custom paintings have become incredibly popular as well, and people are hiring painters to create permanent images of their loved ones and hanging them on their homes.

Mix Things Up – Eclecticism Wins

Having everything look the same doesn’t seem to be the way things are going. People like to mix things up, and the latest trends show just that. The way interior design is shaping up seems to be going in a direction where one style isn’t enough, and people are using multiple styles inside a single room to keep things fresh and adding a lot to the feel of the room.

There’s no better way to improve the atmosphere of a rustic room, for example, than to add a few sofas or loveseats made of boucle. It adds a lot to the vibes of the room, and it breaks the monotony. Be eclectic – it pays off!

Nature Never Lets You Down

Another thing that doesn’t seem to go away is incorporating nature to every room. If you want something that simply seems to fit everywhere, that’s a plant. And they’re not only good at fitting everywhere, they’re also very cheap to purchase. Furthermore, you don’t really want to add flowers everywhere if you want to stick to the latest trends – going green is your best bet.

Add some life to your rooms by adding one or two potted plants with no flowers. You could also be a bit cheeky and add flowers in countertops – they look good as well, but the latest trends are mainly suggesting people to go green. In any case, nature is becoming even a bigger thing than It was in the past, and that says a lot. People do seem to be loving this.

Velvet Makes a Return – But Had It Really Left Before?

Velvet furniture is becoming popular again, and many catalogs are presenting us with a ton of loveseats and large sofas to spice up otherwise unicolored rooms. Velvet furniture is a good addition to many types of styles, but the biggest trends are suggesting people to add velvet furniture of either red or blue styles – they add a lot to many rooms and people seem to love them.

In any case, velvet is difficult to care for and you need to treat these furnishings with care. Do not add these types of furniture to your home if you’re a pet owner with messy pets – they can really wear them down very quickly.

Old School Cool

Using the designs of five decades ago is becoming very popular again. Magazines and trends are going for old designs such as the ones used for rooms in the 70s to keep things fresh and revitalizing the look of homes across America. If you’re one of those who loves to play with old school designs, you’re in luck! They’ve become very popular again.

Richer Color Selection Is a Must

Unicolor seems to be a thing of the past, according to modern trends. Rooms are now being decorated with as many colors as possible, sticking to color palettes, of course. In any case, mix things up by adding a lot of rich palettes to your rooms. You’ll love the way things look if you do it right!

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